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You Can Trust Yourself: 3 Simple Truths & Collecting the Proof

Hello Wonderful Humans!

For those who don’t already know me, my name is Elizabeth. I’m the founder and Executive Director of The Intuitive Writing Project. (More on that later!) I’ve read that people spend an average of 1-2 minutes reading on each newsletter or blog post they open. That comes to about 250 words. Since I have the darndest time being concise, I have challenged myself to cap each post at 250 words, not counting the writing prompt, of course. I want to limit the time you have to spend going through email so you have more time take care of yourself. Mostly, I want this blog to offer practical, creative tools for reclaiming your intuitive superpowers. Since our tagline at TIWP is “declare what you know to be true,” I'd thought I'd start with what I know to be true:

1. Contrary to everything you were taught in school, you contain immense intuitive wisdom—and you access it when you write.

2. Contrary to everything your inner critic keeps telling you, the world needs your stories.

3. The magic is already inside you. Your power is learning to trust it.

Finally, I want to share that I am the most “self-trust-challenged” person I know. As a still-recovering-people-pleaser, self-trust is the hardest thing for me. But I also believe that it’s the most important thing. I believe that intuitive self-trust is how women will heal and restore the world. And I believe that writing is the way in.

Writing / Ruminating Prompt: Collecting the Proof

Since list-making is one of many female superpowers and does count as writing, I invite you to spend a few minutes making a list of 3-5 instances (whatever pops into your head) when you just knew something—knew what was really going on, knew what someone really needed, knew what to buy, knew where to go or what to do next, no matter how minor it may have seemed—and then it turned out that… you were RIGHT! Bonus: if you're enjoying the process, write in more detail (10-20 minutes) about one of the most significant of these memories. Bonus-bonus: Start an "Intuitive Proof" list or journal to keep track of all the times your intuition guided you perfectly. (You may be surprised by the extent of your knowing, once you start consciously tracking it!)

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